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The Ideal North co-branding custom program.

Let's get you knitted in.

When they love your brand, they'll wear it.

Your brand represents your story and if you are a Canadian tourist destination, resort or organization then your unique story needs to be shared.

Most people are visual. Your name and logo are a silent salesman that is consistently building brand recognition by inviting new people in and reminding current ones to return.

Ideal North pre-production artwork mockup.

It's all about “Exposure” - We protect you from it while maximizing you for it.

For maximum exposure there is no better cost effective way to accomplish this then by wearables, having walking billboards share your story, but more importantly Ideal North custom knitted beanies that people are actually proud to wear.

PPAI 2017 Sales by Promotional Program - Click to enlarge

Location, Location, Location.

First contact with most people is at eye level and with your brand positioned just slightly above, there is no better advertising location you can have.

One person anywhere in the world walking down a street wearing your custom beanie could spread your story to possibly thousands of people. With your custom beanie all roads will lead back to you.

P.T. Barnum never said,"Make that sign smaller!"

The costs for a jacquard beanie verses a plain beanie are the same. The difference is with jacquard beanie a logo or design is knitted into the beanie with no additional costs. Where as a plain beanie with a woven or printed label or embroidery are additional costs. Of course the major benefit to a jacquard beanie is that your name and logo are much larger resulting in superior visibilityIn the promoting biz world, size matters.

We are judged by who we hang out with.

We know our customers’ value Canadian made and all our knitted beanies will have our Ideal North label attached as an authentic visible seal of approval that a quality Canadian made brand is aligned with your business or organization.

Co-branding works best when both brands have similar audiences. When you align your brand with Ideal North you;
1. Present a positive lasting impression.
2. Offer a desirable wearable that people will use.
3. Further enhance your story.

For more information about our Co-branding Custom Program please contact us.