Then we will bring Canada to them.

So 2020 has been an interesting year, a brutal one actually. Over the years we have faced many challenging times and our current and most serious one to date has been this global pandemic.

We hear daily about small businesses and big corporation having to close their doors, both seemingly situated at different ends of the spectrum, yet equally sharing in the inability for financial sustainability. Here at Ideal North our proverbial doors took a hit, they rattled and shook and if not for much scratching and clawing the hinges would have given way leaving us to the mercy of those grey suited beasts. For now though we are still here, maybe it’s attributed to the no quit, can do Canadian spirit, to face a problem head on and find a solution, after all the establishment of Canada did not included the faint of heart.

It is often said if you have a problem look to nature for the answer. Planet earth is a pretty cool place, it has the uncanny ability to regenerate, morph and evolve. Our little blue planet has been around for 4 billion years, eclipsing humans who can only claim a minute fraction of that time. We can learn from nature, not only just in the physical sense, but spiritually as well. When a river is faced with a obstacle, it will find a way around it, “Take the path of least resistance“. When the sun rays pierce though a forest canape down to the forest floor new vegetation can take root and grow, “When light penetrates darkness there is growth.” So as with all our other previous challenges we shed some light on our problem, being that people are unable to visit Canada and thus find our product. Solution:Then we will bring Canada to them.

There have been many unintended consequences because of the world pandemic and quarantine, such as consumer product wants, needs and demands. A steep decline in deodorant sales, yet a frenzied hoarding of toilet paper.., a lot of toilet paper. Recreational habits have changed as well, from indoor activities to outdoor activities, going old school with walking, hiking and bicycling. In fact Lycra bicycle short sales for middle aged men increased, so thank you Covid 19, we think? Additionally people out of necessity were forced to make their purchases online, what emerged apart from record breaking sales was a psychological reassurance and comfort level for those who would not normally purchase online. We are indeed fortunate that we live in a time where technology can allow us do this. So we took note and have re-engineered our business model from being solely a wholesaler to now also offering our products online directly to the general public. We see this as an opportunity to offer many other different products down the road that represent the true spirit of Canada.

When a door closes another one opens and as we step through the doorway to take on this new venture we hope others will join us to enjoy the Canadian experience.

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